RPR Appaloosa
Where “Form to Function” has Substance and Beauty

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RPR Appaloosas

Where “Form to Function” has Substance and Beauty

Situated east of the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, RPR Appaloosas are Canadian Appaloosa Breeders and Trainers of exceptional performance oriented horses featuring:
- Cow Sense
- Easy Temperament
- Conformation and Good Bone
- Appaloosa to Appaloosa Breeding
- Athleticism
- Stamina
- Color

 Check out this Article about RPR Appaloosas from the June 2010 Horses All Newspaper



Biography of Pat Hyndman
Pat started riding Shetland Ponies when she was nine years old and although the breed and size of the horses have changed, her passion and love for the horse has never altered. 
Pat joined the Calgary Regional Appaloosa Club in 1993 and has been a very active member, having filled many various positions as director,  club Treasurer, social and trail ride organizer and vice president.

 She has Appaloosa geldings-  YOR Gold Medal and $tryker's Last Dollar. She competes in gymkhanas and cattle penning and sortings, rides in the Airdrie and Calgary Stampede Parades at the head of the Calgary Regional Appaloosa Club group dressed in Native costume. She appears down at the Big Top or Saddledome at the Calgary Stampede in the Light Horse Pageants as a representative for the Appaloosa Horse. She was the first recipient for the Kent Schaffer “Wrangler of the Year” award in 2002 that is presented to the best wrangler at the annual Livingstone Gap cattle drive in the fall that is hosted by Syd and Donna Wyatt and the North Fork Grazing Association.

Pat is the "marketer" for RPR Appaloosas and also helps Rej train and expose their horses to the many things they will encounter on the ranch or along the trail.

Biography of Richard G. (Rick) Miller
  Rick is the "pedigree" man of the group. He is a "walking encyclopedia "of Appaloosa knowledge and bloodlines. He is in charge of our breeding program and his goal is to produce Appaloosa Horses with the  utmost quality that are "cowy, athletic and have a wonderful and willing disposition.

 Rick has been involved in the Appaloosa breed since the 1980's. He has been a member of the Calgary Regional Appaloosa Club and is Director for Alberta and President of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada for 2016. He served as Show Chairman for the 40th National Appaloosa Horse Show Committee. Rick is also a member of Equine Advisory Board at Olds College in Olds, Alberta. He is a certified inspector for the ApHCC.

Rick is situated on the family ranch in the beautiful Bowden area, where the mares and foals live and are raised in a paradise of forest and meadows.

Biography of Rejean Gariepy

Rej came to Alberta in 1981 from downtown Quebec City, at the age of 23, seeking adventure and to fulfill a desire to learn about Western Canadian Culture. He wanted to be a "Cowboy"
In 1985, he married Ann and moved to the country near Rockyford Alberta. Together they raised two wonderful kids, Danielle and Richard.
 Rej and Ann own a ranch near Rockyford where they raise cattle and Appaloosa Horses.
 There is a big indoor arena on the ranch where Rej specializes in starting horses and training them to work cows and Cowboy Challenge obstacles. He believes in exposing the horses to many aspects of ranch work and trail riding and a big part of the training program is taking them to the mountains where they seem to enjoy the scenery as much as he does!

Rej met Pat and Rick in the early 90’s and discovered a common interest in horses, then Appaloosa Horses. Soon after, Rej joined the Calgary Regional Appaloosa Club and the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada and is a proud recipient of the 2008 Chief Ground Pounder award- twice!.


Pat Hyndman, Rick Miller and Rejean Gariepy joined forces in the spring of 2006 to form RPR Appaloosas. They plan on riding, promoting, having a great time while producing a winning line of Performance Appaloosas.